We’re small, we’re nimble.
We punch above our weight.
We get stuff made.

Richard Marazzi Design
is a boutique image
+ communications
consultancy. In other words,
we focus on your visual
identity and message. We
make the ordinary attractive,
the complex accessible
and an idea reality. We offer
effective and affordable
solutions that differentiate
your brand in a sea of
competition. We’ll give
you all the tools you need
to build your business
and be memorable.

or be
– Forbes Magazine 2012
How do you decide what to put in the cart?



A brand is not a logo, a
name or a product. Rather, a
brand is how your audience
perceives you. Their
perception stems from
a gut feeling on who you are
and what you stand for. As
intuitive, emotional creatures,
people need to trust their
instincts before they commit
so it’s important to make sure
your audience is getting the
right message about who you
are and what you stand for.


While companies can’t absolutely control what their
audience thinks of them, they can influence it by constantly
communicating their offering and what makes them better
than the competition. When the majority of your audience
arrives at the same idea of what you are, then you have a
brand. This is why it is important to get your message and
name out there in as many ways as possible. Remember,
when you are evaluating your brand, focus not on what you
think you are but what your audience thinks you are. 



We are relentlessly judged.
Not just by first impressions,
but by every impression. What
impression are you delivering
to your intended audience?
Do you convey confidence
and credibility with your
customers, prospects,
suppliers, employees and
partners? Combining a
unified brand image with
clear messaging and a
creative marketing strategy
lets you deliver a memorable
message of quality, credibility
and confidence.


Do you want to grow your business, increase sales, engage
your customers? People have too many choices, too little
time and not all that much interest. Offerings are ever more
similar. Regularly reminding your audience of who you are
and why you are different keeps your organization relevant
and top of mind.



We strive to make our
clients stand out from the
pack through Intelligence,
Beauty, Engagement
and Craftsmanship. We
collaborate with our clients
to help them create tools and
designs that create impact.


Intelligence. Who’s our audience? What are they thinking now?
How do we break through? What is the competition doing?
What’s our idea? Is it creatively, strategically sound? Ask the
right questions and you’ll get the right answers needed to
proceed suitably armed.

Beauty. If it stands out from the others, you’ve won half the
battle. Good design uses precise and clean typography, great
colour, stunning visuals and a balanced layout to keep the eye
stimulated and engaged.

Engagement. Nothing scares away audiences faster than
walls of dense text. Great editorial design uses titles,
subheads, decks, slugs, pull quotes and captions to engage
the audience. Well-written, entertaining copy – from ads to
packaging – increases the odds that people will go from
reading to owning to advocating. Reward them for giving you
their time.

Craftsmanship. To seduce the two-second attention span,
effective design follows a structured grid, hierarchical
typography and visual eye-flow. Files must answer the
constructs of production specs and must work on press.
Online work must be as eye-catching as it did during the
presentation that sold it.



We are a full-service
studio with capabilities in
image + communications.
This means how a company,
product or organization
looks and maintains
consistency throughout it’s
brand identity platform.


We run a tight studio, matching image and communication to
deliver a strong and believable, brand promise. We’re big on
maintaining consistency throughout brand identity platforms,
design, packing, advertising and social media. We do this
with style, meaning and reward for consumers. The brands,
products or organizations that we touch rise above their
competition and remain there. Experience broadcasting in
the following:


  • advertising
  • branding
  • brand/style guides
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • communications
  • events/exhibit
  • interactive
  • logos
  • magazine
  • naming
  • newsletters
  • packaging
  • promotional
  • reports
  • signage
  • social media
  • stationery
  • visual identities
  • wayfinding signage
  • websites
  • writing

Richard Marazzi
Art/Creative Director


Richard Marazzi has experience in
graphic design, art direction and
creative direction as far back as 1997.
He has worked for a number of
international branding and
advertising firms on some of the
world’s top-tier brands. Richard
manages all levels of the design
process from strategy to execution.
In an industry filled with
marketing jargon and PowerPoint
presentations, Richard offers
creative and intelligent solutions
that speak for themselves.

Differentiation is the key in a sea of sameness.
Avoid getting lost in the crowd.
Richard Marazzi